EV Charging

We offer EV charging for both commercial and residential.
Whether it is for your personal home, business fleet or to supply a place where your clients can charge while visiting your facility we have the resources to design a system for you.
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We can supply and install chargers that are plug-in based or tethered. 
We find out what you are wanting to achieve with your EV Charge point, as well as what vehicle you are needing to charge, This all Vital when selecting the perfect EV charger for you as it will determine the size of the charger required and the socket type that is needed.
We can also supply EV chargers that link directly back into your solar array, as well as EV chargers that talk directly with your smart home set up. 


With more businesses looking to upgrade their fleet to E.V there are many different charging options out there and a lot to consider when finding the ideal solution, as there is no one size fits all option. Things to consider are if you are needing EV charging for your fleet, staff members, or customer use.
For a vehicle fleet or Staff use, we have many options that can be tailored for your situation, generally, we would look at the size of the fleet, What charge times you are looking to achieve, and the simplicity behind using the charger. 
For customer use we would recommend a simple and no-frills solution that enables your client to plug in and get a charge while visiting your premise, this can be seen as a real point of difference in your business, as well as allows for extra time for a potential client to be on-site with you. 
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