Off Grid Solar

Off grid solar is a great way to get power independence and away from using the electricity network. 

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What is off-grid solar?

It’s a fantastic solution for people that are in remote locations or hard to get areas, where grid-connected power is not possible, or cost-effective.
We can design a system tailored specifically to meet your requirements, this would depend on the location of your property, the power you will need to draw to run efficiently and what size battery would be suitable for your situation.
If you are interested in an off-grid system or wanting to have a chat in regards to how an off-grid system works.

Our guarantee

With extensive experience and certified by New Zealand Master Electricians organization, we are the trusted solar solutions provider for Kiwi homes. With this level of compliance, we can guarantee the safe and effective installation of solar panels for your home. We also offer a great warranty on all of our workmanship, so you can be assured that no stone has been left unturned when it comes to your safety, well-being, and peace of mind.

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